MSC 2015 • Call for Abstracts

Abstracts for MSC 2015 will be accepted until all 90 spots are filled. Abstracts received after July 20, 2015 will not be included in program but will be shown on the website. Conditional acceptance of abstracts is possible by emailing Michael Gilkey ( but complete registration for the conference is necessary to finalize the poster presentation submission.

MSC 2015 invites you to submit abstracts of original investigation for consideration in the Poster Session and possible Short Talk Podium Presentations.

Abstract Categories include:

  • MSC Sources for Derivation
  • Disease Models for Adult Stem Cell Therapy
  • Immunomodulation Using Adult Stem Cells
  • Gene Therapy on Adult Stem Cells
  • Regenerative Medicine and Adult Stem Cells
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Cell Biology in the Clinical Setting
  • Clinical Trials

Accepted abstracts will be published online ( and in the MSC 2015 Program. For a full listing of MSC 2015 Abstracts, please click here. To see previous conference abstracts please click on one of the following: MSC 2007, MSC 2009, MSC 2011, and MSC 2013.

Deadline: Abstract submissions for Podium Presentation must be received no later than July 20, 2015. Submitters will be notified of acceptance or rejection in addition to selection for a platform presentation via email by or before July 27, 2015.

Abstract Pre-approval: For individuals requiring pre-approval for their abstract in order to attend MSC 2015, please email your abstract to Michael Gilkey at

Submission Instructions:

All abstracts must be emailed to in English. Individuals must be registered for the meeting in order to present a poster or a podium talk. If pre-approval of abstract acceptance is needed in order for registration to be allowed, please submit an abstract to and MSC 2015 Conference Directors will make a ruling within two weeks of receipt. The one page abstract must be submitted as a PDF attachment using no smaller than an 11pt font size. There is no limit to the number of abstracts a presenter can submit.

To view a sample abstract, please click here. Detailed submission instructions are below.

Abstract must be named as follows: presenting author’s last name.first word of title (excluding articles, i.e. JONES.STEM)

  • Title of abstract (type in all capital letters)
  • Presenting author’s information
    • Name (last name, first name)
    • Highest degree
    • Institution/hospital
    • Department
    • Address, city, state, country, zip/postal code
    • Telephone
    • Fax
    • Email
  • Other authors’ information
  • Name (last name, first name) – list names in the order in which they are to appear
  • Highest degree
  • City, State, Country

Abstract Style Instructions:

  • Figures, graphs and simple tables are allowed
  • Use of standard abbreviations is desirable; place unusual abbreviations in parentheses after first use of the full term

For questions or additional information, please contact Michael Gilkey via email at, or phone by calling 1-216-368-2079.

Abstract Policies:

  • Abstracts for Platform Presentation must be RECEIVED no later than July 20, 2015.
  • Abstracts must be submitted online.
  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts an investigator may submit.
  • If an error is found on an abstract submitted prior to July 20, 2015, an author may request, in writing to withdraw this abstract. A new abstract may be submitted if received by the July 27, 2015 deadline. After the deadline, an author may not resubmit an abstract in order to make changes or corrections. The abstract may be withdrawn or, if accepted, the error may be indicated during the presentation. Proofread abstracts carefully to avoid errors before they are submitted.
  • Any human experimentation must conform with the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association (Clinical Research 1992 Dec;40(4):653-60).
  • The MSC 2015 Program Committee endorses the position of the American Association for the Advancement for Science in requiring assurances of the responsible use of animals in research. All submissions for consideration must be in compliance with the guidelines. (American Association for the Advancement of Science Resolution on Use of Animals in Research, Testing, and Education. Adopted by the AAAS Board and Council February 19, 1990)
  • If pre-approval of abstract acceptance is needed in order for registration to be allowed, please submit an abstract to and MSC 2015 Conference Directors will make a ruling within two days of receipt.

Presenting authors will be notified of acceptance by email.

Poster Presentations:

If your abstract is accepted, your acceptance notice will indicate your poster assignment number. Each poster board measures 45″ high (114.3 cm), and 69″ wide (175.3 cm). You must provide a copy of the abstract, typed in large type for posting on the board. Illustrations must be readable from distances of at least three feet. Use lightweight poster board only; heavy board is difficult to secure. Push pins will be available on-site.

Podium Presentations:

A limited number of abstracts will also be selected for a Platform Presentation (15 min.) or Short Talk (5 min) presentation. Presentations will be chosen by the Conference Directors and Session Chairs after all abstracts have been received (July 20) and will notify authors by July 27 if they are selected. Talks are judged by fit with program, strength of research, “rising star” investigator status and geographic diversity. If your abstract is accepted and selected for a podium presentation, your acceptance notice will indicate instructions regarding the session and time allotted for your presentation.